Isola Trattoria

Jul 16, 2014

Walk past it once: shame on them. Walk past it twice: shame on me. The third time around, anyone should avoid the obvious mistake of walking past it and make a beeline for the entrance under the canopy of green foliage- a rarity in this concrete jungle. If you're a fan of brunch, like myself, then you most definitely have to make time to dine in Isola Trattoria & Crudo Bar. And if you're also a fan of interesting spaces then you'll be doubly glad you stepped foot into this greenhouse-meets-alice-in-wonderland are-we-indoors-or-outdoors restaurant. Order yourself a few bellimi bellinis, lemon ricotta pancakes, smoked salmon, and a porchetta hash and have yourself the slow morning you know you deserve. If you're in need of some extra convincing take a look at the menu and remember to wipe the dribble off your chin after you feast your hungry eyes on the picture below!

Meet King

Jul 10, 2014


Meet King. Easily one of the 'trillest' people I've ever had the pleasure of getting to know, he's responsible for introducing me to a different kind of New York living. 

June Insta-Update

Jun 2, 2014

Lately I've been a tiny bit shorter on time and significantly shorter on energy because like I implied in a previous post, I've developed a bit of a work schedule for the summer (hooray). Unfortunately, it means less days spent toting my camera around and wandering around the city trying to stumble across some sort of an adventure. I'm hoping I'll get accustomed to my sore feet and aching back and bounce back with some wonderful photo/blog updates (fingers crosssed!) but until then I have an insta-update complete with a mini blurb to give you an idea of how exciting my life is. Not very.

Lily of Astoria: If you're a regular reader you'll remember that I mentioned a trip to a nail salon in Astoria for a mani/pedi session with my sister. I swear, we spent roughly two ridiculous hours in Lily's Nail for a mani/pedi although in their defense I had to wait for Janet's shellac polish to .. bake. Luckily for me, I had time to spare. However, apparently the young lady seated next to me in the massage chairs didn't because she kept leaning over to whisper about how terribly slowly my pedicure was going. Let's call her Lily for the sake of simplifying the story. YOU'VE BEEN SITTING THERE FOR 45 MINUTES AND SHE STILL HASN'T EVEN STARTED PAINTING YOUR TOES. SHE'S SO SLOW. Her whisper-scream had me feeling a sort of discomfort that made me wriggle in my seat trying to inch away from her. I was kind of hoping my body language would be louder than her whisper-scream and convince my pedicurist I wanted nothing to do with Lily. How nicely do you think she'll want to paint my nails if acknowledge your dissatisfaction with the pace of my pedicurist, Lily? After I ignored her, Lily wound up just going back and forth between staring at me and texting rapidly for the next hour and fifteen minutes. I guess Lily just didn't do subtle.

Oh well. I left with a beautiful manicure, which has won me many compliments. Find Me An Oasis by Essie, in case you were wondering.

Donburiya Do-buriya

May 30, 2014

If, for some reason, you're interested: Grey Cardigan (similar) | Striped Top (similar) | Grey Nails

I spent a majority of my Memorial Day weekend back home in New Jersey rolling around in my bed and admiring my food baby- you know, the usual. And APPARENTLY, while I was there I caught a terrible case of the lazies because I have yet to step foot outside of the apartment apart from when my sister called me out, twice. Once to eat a wonderful little lunch at Donburiya and once again for a mani/pedi session in Astoria (one I will detail in a future post at some point later this week).

There isn't too much to say about Donburiya. It was quick. It was tasty. Two qualities one may look for in a lunch-break food venue. I ordered a Hamburg Curry and Janet had the Teppan Yakiniku lunch. We topped off our surprisingly filling meals with a green tea crepe cake and a handsome little scoop of black sesame ice cream and we went right back on our merry ways.

We opted to cab it back to ________, and while Janet slept (with her eyes half open) throughout the elongated cab ride (thank you midday traffic) I tried to make a mental note of the nearest subway station. Per usual, I drew a blank. Luckily for me, a few streets and one right after the group of people trying to hand me their CD for 'free' (LIES, I TELL YOU!) later, I stumbled across a station taking me uptown and nearly shed a tear of joy. Actually it might have been after two European tourists approached me for directions to the Empire State Building that I nearly shed that tear for two reasons: one because they mistook me for someone who actually knew where she was going and two because I was 90% certain I actually pointed them in the right direction. Go me!

Then I returned home to hack away at a quarter of the four available seasons of White Collar on Netflix and that about summarizes life on my end for the past few days. Oh, and I'm considering trying out video updates instead just for the sake of editing something other than pictures again. We'll see how that goes, I suppose!

Stay tuned for the next update, friends!

Makeup Nirvana

May 28, 2014

Recently I was asked if I had made any notable purchases during the past few weeks. Obviously, I had (go figure). But it completely slipped my mind to mention it here on my little corner of the interweb in the midst of my rather chaotic scramble for a summer job. That's a whole other for another time. ANYWAYS, before I go off on another tangent, I popped into the Sephora on fifth ave and emerged a little poorer. Story of my life, am I right? But that's okay because (plot twist) I am completely and utterly in love with these products.

As soon as I stepped foot in Sephora I made a beeline for the bareMinerals counter, and grabbed myself a BARESKIN Pure Brightening Serum Foundation in the shade Bare Buff (10). A few factors shortened my foundation-choosing process and saved me some valuable time: 1. Sephora's Color IQ and 2. the wonderful reviews. A while back, my long-time pal Sherry told me I had to get my shade matched using Sephora's Color IQ. So I sacrificed half a face of makeup to get myself matched wondering if it would be worth looking incomplete for the rest of the day, and it was! I was able to email myself a lengthy list of foundations that completely matched my skin tone. So when Janet, my sister, started raving about her new bareMinerals foundation, things just fell into place naturally. The next thing I knew, I was in Sephora on fifth ave, referring back to my handy list of match-made-in-heaven foundations, and grabbing a box for myself. So the moral of the story is: go get yourself matched ... and then buy the bareskin foundation because it's phenomenal but I'm getting to that part. 

I definitely fall into that large category of women who are on the fence when it comes to foundation. I want enough coverage to achieve that flawless-looking skin but I also don't want my face to suffocate under the weight of heavy-duty foundation. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not saying this foundation provides coverage to conceal all my hyper-pigmentation. But I kid you not, three drops of this go a long way towards that no-makeup flawless skin look. It also claims to brighten your skin overtime and protect your skin against environmental stressors thanks to lilac plant stem cells. Woohoo! I don't completely understand what that means, but I definitely know it's a good thing so hooray! This foundation is also SPF 20 so it can be used as a light sunscreen without the icky, gag-reflex inducing sunscreen scent (gross). One more thing I'd like to note is that it is much more fluid than the viscous foundations I had been using so it took me a little while to get used to it, but I found that the fluid consistency makes the application process much faster. It's much easier to spread the product across your face, and who doesn't like to save a few minutes in the morning for a quick bite to eat? If you need some extra convincing or more information and haven't seen these already then: 

I also purchased MAC's Mineralize Skinfinish in Medium, which helps to keep my face from getting oily throughout the day and keep my makeup from falling off in this heat. Sounds gross, but that's pretty much what it is. I remembered hearing Zoella talk about it a few years back, and never really saw the purpose of powder because my skin was chronically dry and hyper-pigmentation free at the time. Things have (unfortunately) changed since then, and after playing around with my sister's neglected mineralize skin finish I figured I would get one of my own before she noticed. I absolutely love it. I love the sleek packaging, which now comes with a mirror. And I think it goes hand-in-hand with my new bareMinerals foundation, which makes me a happy camper. I'm definitely going to have to go back for the Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle (cult favorite) and a million other things like:

Another cult favorite, I've purchased is the Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in Dark Brown to match my wintery locks, which I have been contemplating dying a very light brown for the past month. Up until this point, I've been scraping by with Sonia Kashuk's brow kit. It allowed me to look groomed, but I've been itching to fill in my brows and understand the hype. While I hardly think I'm the type to pencil a sexy arch into my lifeless brows, I have enjoyed defining my brows' natural shape. If you don't have a brow pencil, I highly recommend investing in the perfect brow pencil because brows are apparently the new black, if you haven't go the memo. 

Last but not least, I also purchased the Elizabeth & James Nirvana White perfume. I'm the type of person who remembers things by scent. I know it's a strange sense to rely on (I'm convinced it's because my poor vision and hearing has heightened my sensitivity to smell) but I swear I remember exactly how my first grade teacher smelled even though I can't recall what she looked like. So I love hoarding perfumes. I typically enjoy light, floral scents so Nirvana white was right up my alley. Honestly, they couldn't have put out a sample and expected me NOT to take one home. I opted for the rollerball to test out until I was certain I wanted to make the scent mine, and I absolutely love it. I like the idea of being able to smell like peonies without smelling immature and sickeningly sweet. There's a musk in there that adds a more refined note to the fragrance, but you probably know that already considering this perfume has been raved about by Claire Marshal, Essiebutton, and Fleur to name a few of the many youtubers who have fallen victim to the Nirvana white craze. All jokes aside, it truly is a beautiful scent and if you don't love it for it's beautiful scent you'll love it for it's beautiful packaging and thank me later on. 

Hope this post has provided some insight about the products mentioned! 

Until next time!